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...from the fine folks at Blogtor Who, that Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Android Invasion will be getting a DVD release in a UNIT boxed set, probably in the UK on January 9th and in the US (as separate releases and boxed) on January 10th.

Particularly exciting is that Steve Roberts has hinted on Gallifrey Base that although episode one will be in black and white, there may be some sort of colour presentation of it as well - there were known issues with the colour recovery, with all the blues not really coming across at all well (in an episode featuring the blue TARDIS on a day with clear blue skies and the Doctor emerging in a blue jacket...well, potential problems there), but it looks as if there might be an "as good as we can possibly get it" version on there.
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BBC Books are releasing new editions of six classic Doctor Who Target novelisations, retaining the original cover art by Chris Achilleos, with a new bronzed up version of the Pertwee/TV Movie logo (similar, I think, to the one that featured on the early McGann Big Finish audios), and new introductions from the likes of Russell T Davies and Neil Gaiman. More info here. All books priced at £4:99 each, which seems a fair deal.


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