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Here from the Doctor Who News Page and from Steven Moffat's Twitter

@steven_moffat: Appreciation Index of 88 for Doctor Who. Which is REALLY GOOD in case you're wondering.

The Impossible Astronaut received an AI score of 88

This is the joint highest ever received for a series opener (Smith and Jones also scored 88). Last year's highest scoring episode was The Big Bang which received 89.

AI is a score out of 100 used as an indicator of the public's appreciation of a tv or radio programme in the UK. As of 2009, the BBC had an average score of 80. The average drama score is reported to be 84. The BBC considers scores of 85 or above to be excellent
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BBC Books are releasing new editions of six classic Doctor Who Target novelisations, retaining the original cover art by Chris Achilleos, with a new bronzed up version of the Pertwee/TV Movie logo (similar, I think, to the one that featured on the early McGann Big Finish audios), and new introductions from the likes of Russell T Davies and Neil Gaiman. More info here. All books priced at £4:99 each, which seems a fair deal.


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