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[ 6 ] Classic Who Icons (1 Eighth Doctor + 5 Fourth Doctor Era)
[ 58 ] New Who Icons (5 Ninth Doctor Era + 49 Tenth Doctor Era + 4 Amy Pond

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A couple of weeks ago I posted, asking people to take part in the [livejournal.com profile] docwholand  Fandom Top Five survey. Thanks to those who participated! Here are the results:

fandom top five reults )
A note from the mod ([livejournal.com profile] tenth_eclipse ): "The votes were all over the place for your favorites, and when I tallied them, a lot of them came really close to ties, but in the end, an order emerged."
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Round 09: Female Characters
Claim: Amy Pond

+ 7 Alternates

02 Exhausted 08 Back 11 CAT Same Pic

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Over at [livejournal.com profile] docwholand , the current challenge is about how people rank things within the fandom (Companions, series etc.). In order to get a better idea of what the fandom thinks as a whole, people not in the land comm are invited to give there opinions. It would be great if everyone could help out!

The survey can be found here.

If you are not part of the comm please reply to the comment at the bottom, with the subject 'Public Voters'.
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Okay, so I was trying to do my 'ten favourite companions' and I just couldn't. So I decided to do 'my favourite companion for each Doctor', which turned out to be a lot easier. I should say that I haven't done Doctors 6 or 8 , because I only know one companion for each of them (I don't count whatever the kid is called in The Movie, otherwise he'd probably be my answer for 8...).

But for the others? Well...

(I'm not good on Doctor 1 companions, but Susan is definitely less annoying than Barbara and Ian; I don't know enough about the others to comment. Also, I love the trailer when she's at school and saying things like “well, yes, this works with Earth gravity, but what about planets with something else?” and the other kids AND the teacher are looking at her as if she's totally bonkers.)

(She can do fantastic mathematic things, break computers, and subdue a superhero with her martial arts. I mean – who needs more?!)

(She is so sweet, yet cunning enough to Get Stuff Done, and conducts a love affair by going out to find a giant maggot)

(Says what she thinks, and is quite matter-of-fact, whether about sensing danger or about having killed people. One of the few people who doesn't consider what anyone else is thinking of her, but just what she's thinking of them.)

(I felt that I couldn't count K9 as a companion, either, FTR.)

(“But is it imperative that we die?” I love him. Such a relief to have a companion who isn't Virtuous and Death Defying all the time, but has a sincere sense of self-preservation. Yet will, in fact, sacrifice himself if he thinks that it will help; he just isn't prepared to do it for no good reason.)

(Who is, in fact, ace. She carries nitro-glycerine, demands of a dalek “who are you calling small?”, and refuses to go with the Doctor because she wants to look after a baby.)

Captain Jack
(Partly because my son has such a crush on him)

(Oh, in so many ways. She doesn't fancy the Doctor, which after Rose and Martha was a BIG relief. She tells him what she thinks and if the Doctor says something stupid [“Hang on!”] gives the obvious answer in the tone of voice anyone'd be thinking it [“I AM!”]. And yet – and yet – is kind. She cries over the Oods, is nice to Miss Evangelista, and is the only new!Who companion immediately to be lovely towards another companion.)

(He does that swishy-sword thing with a MOP, has the “yours is bigger than mine” conversation with the doctor, and is basically a Really Lovely Person who you feel has got accidentally swept up into crazy!Who-land by Amy.)


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