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Title: Tinderbox
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Being human hurts.
Genre: angst
Characters: Metacrisis Doctor, Rose
Pairings: Metacrisis Doctor/Rose
Warnings: none

I look like him and I think like him...same memories, same thoughts, same everything. Except I've only got one heart. )
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Title: Two Hearts {Postscript; Tethered; Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?; Vital Signs; Star-Crossed}
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Reflections on the past and the two hearts of a Time Lord.
Genre: romance, angst
Characters: The Doctor (5, 10, future), Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Adric, Kamelion, Donna
Pairings: Five/Tegan, Ten/Donna
Warnings: post-Five's-era or set during "The End Of Time"

They leave. Because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them...forget me. I suppose in the end, they break my heart. )
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The Luncheon at the End of the World (ppd.)

By Elbie

Characters: Doctor Ten, Aziraphale, Crowley

Words: 1543

Settings: Earth Side: The autumn after; Whoverse: Between The Waters of Mars and The End of Time

Summary: Three seemingly infinite entities with a lot in common meet and have lunch.

The Usual Disclaimers: I do this for bragging rights and accolades, not profit. The characters mentioned are owned by Misters Pratchett and Gaiman and the BBC (not necessarily in that order). In other words, don’t try to get blood from this turnip.

Author’s Note: Inspired by a suggestion on TVTropes that David Tennant play both Azriaphale and Crowley in the Good Omens miniseries. After my Muse stopped squeeing, she demanded I write this.
It'd been a rough summer. )


Jan. 6th, 2012 06:50 pm
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Title: Laws of the Universe
Author/Artist: sabethea
Fandom/s: old!Who, new!Who
Rating: PG13
Warnings: suggestions of m/m sex
Pairing/Characters: Doctor 5/Jack Harkness
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas. Though Jack appears to have almost as much sex as he would do if he belonged to me. Almost.
Author's/Artist's notes: First posted at [livejournal.com profile] 12dayschristmas. Be afraid, be very afraid - I wrote a fair few DW fics for that.
Summary: Captain Jack accidentally walks into the wrong TARDIS at the wrong time. It doesn't bother him.

”Laws )
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It has a few factual inaccuracies, but what do you think about this re-telling of The Impossible Astronaut, as described by the Doctor in his blog?



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