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Of ghosts, of monsters, of hockey teams

A fan's faith, reborn

Les bleus, blancs et rouges, Habs logo.
Boo! Screenshot, Doctor Who: Hide

April 22, 2013, OTTAWA — I grew up during the 1970s and was a fan of the Montreal Canadiens (a professional (ice) hockey team, the only sport that really matters in Canada). The 1970s was a good decade to cheer for the "Habs"; les glorieux won the Stanley Cup in 10 of the first 14 years of my life.

Since then, they have drunk from that sacred Cup but twice, a bitter drought for those loyal followers who yet wave the bleu, blanc et rouge and who, each autumn, dream again the following spring will see a return to glory at last.

Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, "Hide", felt almost like I had (yes) been transported back in time and in space, to the Montreal Forum on the evening of May 21, 1979, to witness my team's 4th Stanley Cup victory in a row.

Doctor Who: Hide promo poster.

All right, I exaggerate. One episode does not a championship make. And maybe the metaphor doesn't entirely make sense. But neither, often, does logic in Doctor Who. So (as an American might say), sue me.

The conceit feels right to me — and besides, when was the last time someone discussed hockey and Doctor Who in the same place?

Point is, for this fan, the last few years following the Doctor has felt a lot like watching the Montreal Canadiens lose hockey games. The uniforms look more or less the same, and there's still a lot of travel involved, but victories are few and far between.

"Hide" was one of those victories. And a victory so convincing, this fan suddenly feels those naive hopes of a championship springing like wheat from an arid field. Click here to find out why. Far fewer spoilers than usual.

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The BBC Press Office has released the full Press Release for Series 6 on it's website

Contains interviews with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill

Contains potential spoilers

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The two mini episodes Space and Time have now aired on Comic Relief!

For those who might have missed them, the phenomenally quick people at the Red Nose Day Youtube channel have put both parts online. (Those outside the UK, can you confirm whether you can watch these videos? If not, I'll replace them with alternate versions as soon as I find them)

Space and Time )

The channel also has the entirety of The Curse of Fatal Death online, which you can also get from iTunes for £1.49:

The Curse of Fatal Death )

Go forth and squee, facepalm, or grab some painkillers for the headache you probably now have. Or possibly all three.

ETA: I've had confirmations from the US and Germany, so you should all be able to see these.


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