Mar. 20th, 2011 05:50 pm
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When I am interested in something, I'm interested enough to look at it in depth and examine every point in it. And then I like to mention the continuity errors/other errors. But often people think I don't like a program because I've pointed out an issue, which is hugely distressing and Just Not True. I thought to start with that it was just because I hung around with non-geeks (aka my husband!) - but I've had people get upset in fandom about it, like because I'm pointing out an illogicality (is that a word?) I'm saying "this program is rubbish". If it were rubbish, I wouldn't be bothering to watch it closely enough to notice minor inaccuracies!

This comes to you apropos of having watched Partners In Crime again today with my son (who thankfully is a fellow geek and also, fortunately, likes having things pointed out to him!). just in case there are people on here who haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, this is a SPOILER CUT )
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I've just been sitting in a cafe having a long and serious discussion about the doctors and the order in which we would rate them. With my five year old son, who is so beautifully BEAUTIFULLY able to take a free and full part in such discussions. Honestly, so much more so than pretty much anyone I know IRL.

I'm interested in other people's lists - and reasons. I won't go into my own reasoning now, because we're about to start (re)watching The Curse Of Peladon. But here's mine and Mouse's
This order )


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