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Gui·TAR·DIS [gi-TAR-dis] noun, a guitar shaped like a TARDIS.

and now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce you to Time Crash! We're a trock band based in Chicago, and we've been writing Doctor-Who-related songs for the past year and a half. We've already released a two-song EP (featuring the titles "Little Amelia" and "The Last Human"), and we're hard at work on our first full album.

If you're interested in seeing us live, our next show will be June 14th at the Elbo Room, 2817 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago - more info over here. If you happen to be too far away (or, really, even if you're not), please do consider our Kickstarter! We want to make our music available to Whovians everywhere!
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Hey gang. I'm the sort that writes a lot of multi-posts (meaning, multiple topics in a single post) and while I didn't plan on my first post here being one, once I started compiling everything I needed here I realized I sort of had to, otherwise I was going to knock out three or four posts and get on everyone's nerves. So I'm doing this instead. You can thank me in comments. ;)

Hello (again)! While my username might say different, I actually normally go by the name 'elfman' on ye olde interwebs. I'm a NYC native, a semi-pro writer (more semi than pro, sadly) and a hobby musician. I have an undying love for science-fiction but managed to have a childhood completely devoid of Dr. Who. I was told that PBS here in the USA showed Dr. Who pretty consistently, but I managed to go 30 years without seeing a single episode, nor did I even accidentally glimpse any of the movies. Because of this, I came into both new Who and old Who at about the same time; once it had been announced that there would be a Dr. Who revival, a few of my friends began frothing at the mouths. I was curious as to what all the commotion was all about, and was given a crash-course; I saw some Dr. 1, Dr.'s 3 and 4, and I want to say 6? (Peter Davidson. Which doctor was he?) in about a month, just before I was shown a rip of Eccelston's first leather jacket-sporting appearance as our favorite PTSD Doctor. It all served to pretty much hook me completely. I'm all caught up with the "new" run, and I'm inching my way through the older stuff as I can get my hands on it. I've seen about a third of Tom Baker's run (and man, do I want a scarf that long) and I've seen quite a few of the first Doctor's run. I may, from time to time, hit this place up for recommendations, once I get up the gumption to start watching them again.

Hopefully this is actual news to most of you and not just a big ol' waste of time and space. There is a website out there dedicated to original Who-inspired music. I'm not talking soundtracks and stuff, I'm talking about people like you and me having fun with the Dr. Who musical theme. The place is called Whomix, and in my limited experience there it seems to be a pretty decent place to check out and hang around. Aside from the stuff that KLF/The Timelords have done, I also have a few original arrangements that I picked up here. I can't vouch for everything, though, so if you come across something that's complete rubbish, don't blame me. :)

I did say that I was a hobby musician. It's a hobby because I'm not very good at it, sadly. Most of what I do these days is less artful and more technical in nature, but it's helping me learn my craft; I make remixes and mash-ups. A while ago, I got the idea to mash-up Swamp Thing by Juno Reactor, and the Dr. Who theme. The results of my labors are being hosted by Whomix here, available for download. Please, if you give it a listen, I encourage and welcome all comments and critiques. I've gotten plenty (as you can see from that page) and I plan on producing another draft to address some of the issues brought up in comments. Additionally, if any one is curious to the liner notes on this particular piece, the original post for it is here. Not required reading, and might not even make sense if you're not into music, but there it is.

All right, I think that's enough out of me for now. See you in comments!


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