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Today is the LAST DAY to sign-up for this year's Winter Fest (an anonymous fic/art exchange) at [community profile] torchwood_fest!! We need more participants to have a decent fest so if you are thinking about joining now is the time to sign-up! 9PM EST IS THE DEADLINE!

-Timeline, rules, etc
-More info

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And so it ends, with either a bang or a whimper (or both). Here is the squee post for the final episode of Miracle Day.

PS: Doctor Who is on at 7.10pm this week.
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Here is the squee post for the penultimate episode of Miracle Day.

Apparently we finally see what's causing this whole thing. Your milage may vary on whether this is a good or bad thing.

PS: Doctor Who is on at 7.15pm this week.
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Here's the squee post for episode 8 of Miracle Day. As an added bonus for the Trekkies amongst us (myself included), not only do we have Major Kira this week but Q himself!

PS: Doctor Who is on 7.00pm this week.
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Here's the squee post for episode 7 of Miracle Day, in which we actually see an alien! (or John Carpenter's The Thing - that shot in the preview wasn't particularly clear).

PS: Just a quick heads-up that Doctor Who is back on Saturday at 7.10pm.
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I may be struggling with this one, but I'm not about to deny anyone a chance to discuss the episode. So here's your squee post for episode 6 of Miracle Day. Enjoy!

Well, over half-way now, may as well see this through to the end.
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Here's your squee post for episode 5 of Miracle Day. Enjoy!

Btw, am I the only one finding the News report segments to one of the most teeth-grindingly irritating things ever committed to film? The editing is beginning to give me motion sickness.
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I've actually remembered that Torchwood is on and got the squee post up beforehand this time! They'll be finding water on Mars next!

Oh, right. Insert your own jokes here, people.

Right, where was I? Ah yes, Torchwood. Enjoy everybody! (Or laugh at inappropriate moments, like I did with episode 2)
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Next time there's a DDOS attack, remind me to put up squee posts during the window when the site's posting protocol is actually working. *sighs* Maybe next week I'll have it up without some kind of hitch. Or maybe pigs will command the Space Shuttle.

At least I actually remembered the episode was on this time!

ETA: Sweet Monkey Tuesdays, it took 4 hours to finally post this.
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Here's your (somewhat late) squee post for Torchwood episode 2. If you're wondering why there wasn't one for episode 1, that's because both of the premieres landed smack bang on my holiday. As it is, I only just got around to watching episode 1 today and will have to catch episode 2 on iPlayer later as I'd forgot it was on.

PS: I'm following the UK schedule for simplicity's sake. Apologises to those already an episode ahead.

ETA: After a request, this is now a squee post for both episodes 1 and 2. As always, beware of spoilers in the comments if you're still one behind.
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Join [info]torchwoodland 
Apply here
You can choose out of Team London, Team Glasgow, and Team Inverness
Please mention that you found the comm from me

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Over at [ profile] docwholand , the current challenge is about how people rank things within the fandom (Companions, series etc.). In order to get a better idea of what the fandom thinks as a whole, people not in the land comm are invited to give there opinions. It would be great if everyone could help out!

The survey can be found here.

If you are not part of the comm please reply to the comment at the bottom, with the subject 'Public Voters'.


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